Protecting the world against cyber threats

Simplicity defending against crime

PRISM Cyber has been developed in order to protect the world of consumers, technology users and businesses against the threats first posed in the early 2000’s. For nearly twenty years, our world of online users have suffered from phishing attacks, copycat or fraudulent websites and fake e-commerce solutions. These have and are costing many billions of dollars per year and creating a web of deceit which is affecting people and businesses globally.

Protecting People and their Privacy

PRISM was born through the need to protect people and their privacy, especially with the latest requirements of privacy and “forget me” requirements. GDPR from the European Union claims to be the most highly regulated requirement in personal privacy and PRISM was the first to be able to support GDPR in blockchain technologies.

Moving forward, PRISM is working with Anti Counterfeit Technologies and Every Asset to be capable of moving far beyond SSL and site certification. Instead, PRISM has developed plugins for browsers, email clients and associated businesses, which allow for identification of emails, websites and e-commerce solutions.

Utilising a strict process of organisation evaluation, along with deep learning technologies and unique identifiers, we have treated everything from an email to a website as a uniquely identified asset. The entire lifecycle, reason and means are evaluated for every internet-based transaction through simple plugins and the web services of PRISM.

Email Client Protection

With each email treated as a unique asset, and the sender as a registered entity in Every Asset, a simple app within all types of email client and web browser identity incoming emails and analyse to ensure the email is real and of the correct type, including checks against financial text and correct web link addresses. The user is alerted to those emails which are not validated or suspicious.

E-Commerce Websites

Website companies register with Anti Counterfeit Technologies and select their sector type and general goods. With the PRISM app installed into web browsers, the website is tracked and traced back to ACT, which identifies whether it is a real e-commerce site and the content is within the accepted requirements of the company registered.

Finally a Solution for the Populous.

No longer is it necessary for people to learn how to identify phishing emails, or cloned websites. One app protects against threats to privacy and fraud.

Ultra Cheap and Easy to Implement Solution.

Keeping it simple is at our core

With just a registration and then a few lines of code, financial institutions and website owners can leverage our power and reassure clients of their legitimacy. Sending emails via our solution is incredibly cheap and ROI is literally immediate.